Episode 195: [Deep Sigh]

On this episode Kate and Sally have an announcement about the future of the Struggle Bus. They also talk about the election, volunteering to get out and defend the vote, new computers, and getting into fights on Facebook. Finally, they answer listener questions about dealing with the impending pandemic winter, staying organized during online classes when you have ADHD, and Sally’s cat Miles.

00:00 Welcome to The Struggle Bus

1:29 Big Announcement

6:29 Opening Jibber Jabber

20:11 A Thing We Did

24:30 Election feelings

31:30 Question #1: Dealing with the impending pandemic winter

38:57 Question #2: Staying organized during online classes when you have ADHD

44:17 Question #3: Question about Sally’s cat, Miles

49:35 Enjoy the Song of the Week (Sally’s pick): “Cryin’” by Aerosmith

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