Episode 162: I’m a Full Adult

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On this episode Kate and Sally talk about slaying childhood dragons, being a reactive fan of Game of Thrones, and the nest-building behaviors of house finches. Then they answer an email about whether to cut toxic friends out of your life.

If you’re worried about (and want to support) reproductive freedom, here are two great organizations that could use your money:

The Yellowhammer Fund

National Network of Abortion Funds

Also, check out this great post by Adam Carl on men and reproductive freedom:

Adam Carl’s FB Post (now on Medium)

00:00 Welcome to The Struggle Bus

3:07 Opening Jibber Jabber

41:52 A Thing We Did (for Self-Care)

44:33 Email: Whether to cut toxic friends out of your life

1:01:35 Song of the Week (Sally’s pick)

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Theme song by Marty Scanlon!

Enjoy the Song of the Week: “Missing” by Everything But The Girl

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