Episode 161: Mercury’s in Mantrograde

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On this episode Kate and Sally talk about Buffy and Game of Thrones fandom. Then they explain how to find a struggle buddy. Sally talks (at length) about being aggrieved by many people. Katharine explains the origin of #strugglepodbuds420. Then they…just keep jibber jabbering. This is the first episode to not feature a an email from a listener seeking advice.

00:00 Welcome to The Struggle Bus

10:18 Opening Jibber Jabber

37:14 A Thing We Did (for Self-Care)

45:00 Song of the Week (Kate’s pick)

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Theme song by Marty Scanlon!

Enjoy the Song of the Week: “I Like You” by Morrissey

Read “The best $16 I ever spent: Old Navy pajamas after my husband left” by Rachel W. Miller

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