Episode 20: Sometimes It’s Just A T.P. (A “Their Problem”)

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In this episode Kate and Sally answer an email from a listener who wants some advice on how to deal when people constantly mislabel their sexuality. Then they respond to a listener who’s weighing the pros and cons of entering a 12-step program for their maybe alcoholism. Finally they discuss an email from a listener who has a bunch of anxiety and a super volatile partner.

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Theme song by Marty Scanlon!

One thought on “Episode 20: Sometimes It’s Just A T.P. (A “Their Problem”)

  1. Yo, guys not wanting to go to therapy is such a thing. I’m a woman who dated a guy who was severely depressed and had excuses for not wanting to go that included cost (legit I guess) but also not wanting to rely on someone (what does that even mean) – even though he admitted that he had been emotionally abusive in the past. His solution was to rely on women for emotional support and read self-help books. Being with him made my depression worse and I was def taking on the burden of worrying about him. After we broke up he finally did decide to go. I have a good friend who’s boyfriend is depressed and doesn’t want to go to therapy and is reading books. And let’s not forget my dad who has been depressed probably his whole life but won’t really talk about it or to anyone. It’s sucks that we live in a culture where there is so much stigma and shame around getting help, and that normative masculinity in particular exacerbates that. But I’m also not about women being the collateral damage in that

    This is a little ranty but just wanted to comment! And bat girl – if you’re reading, you’re not alone and i agree with the hosts that it’s not your problem to solve!


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